Set among the open countryside of Rantoul,KS lies one of the Countries largest aviation parting out companies. Dodson International parts is clearly recognisable when you see the Lockhhed Jetstar dramatically displayed at the entrance and you eye is then drawn to see what’s on the other side of the fence.

A mass of aircraft in all shapes and sizes are neatly arranged, pretty much everything is here from small helicopters to larger business jets and even the odd airliner and with an in-stock inventory of over five million spare parts which are being added to daily you can see that this is no fly-by-night operation.

While some may call it a scrap yard it does indeed seem a little unfair. The thought of a mass of aircraft bundled on top of each other as they are in car style scrap yards all over the World is not how Dodson International Parts operate. Aircraft are laid to rest in various catagories and in lovely straight lines with plates on each aircraft making them easily identifiable. The vast majority of useful parts are removed but if any other part is required they can easily identify and access the aircraft to emove any parts needed.

Dodson International Parts can be found on various internet partout databases and the whole inventory can be accessed by visiting the website at The Company is very well known and respected in the industry. A part can be located and ready for shipping within 30 minutes and shipped the same day if required. Aircraft owners save themselves an awful lot of money by purhasing quality used parts from Dodson’s. Used parts are sold with full details so customers know age, flight time and the exact condition..

There was an instance where a Gulfstream owner had lots of work carried out, adding new equipemnt to their aircraft like avionics, engines and thrust reversers only to find severe corrosion in the tail afterwards so Dodson’s acquired many zero hour time components from that aircraft when the owner realized enough was enough and called time on anymore work and sold the airframe to Dodson’s.

Dodson CEO JR Dodson is extremely proud of the current situation and he shoud be as this is the real deal when it comes to buying used aircraft parts. The Company has grown remarkably over the years from the humble beginnings when working out of a horse stable.. Call the friendly staff at 1-785-878-800 for all your spare part needs.

Barry Ambrose/Mark Ollier