Latitude 33.942 Longitude -118.407


GROUND – 121.650 (North Complex) – 121.750 (South Complex)
TOWER – 120.950 (South Complex)
TOWER – 133.900 (North Complex)
SOCAL APPROACH – 124.300,124.500,124.900,128.500
SOCAL DEPARTURE – 124.300,125.200



1. Terminal – Car Parks

The best car park is located at the Tom Bradley terminal. When using this location please stand away from the edge. This location is good for photos of aircraft using 24L and the taxiways. Aircraft using Runway 25 can only be identified once airbourne.

LAX Tom Bradley Terminal

2. In N Out Burger

Located on Sepulveda this location offers very close views of aircraft using the Northern Complex and Runways 24L and 24R. No aircraft using 25L and 25R can be seen from this location. In N Out also do the best burgers in California.

3. The Proud Bird Restaurant

Located on Aviation the Proud Bird gives close views of aircraft using Runways 25L and 25R. From this location you can also read off aircraft landing on Runway 24. This location also offers good quality food, drink and shade. It also has power points outside for powering a laptop. The owner and staff know about our hobby and welcome spotters but food and/or drinks must be purchased if staying for any length of time. Good photos of landing aircraft are available from this location.

LAX Proud Bird

4. Imperial Hill

Located on Imperial this location offers views similar to the Proud Bird but from a more elevated position. All movements can be monitored from this location and you can see both the Northern and Southern Complex. The drawback at this location is no food/drink/toilets or shade.

LAX Imperial Hill

5. Theme Building

Gives very good views of all the action but photography not really an option due to the dirty perspex and the reflection although the use of a step ladder will give you the height to see over the perspex.Currently open weekends only.