The North Valley Occupational Center is located at the Van Nuys airport and provides occupational and career training for the Los Angeles Unified School District, enabling the development of valuable middle-class jobs. The school’s Aircraft Mechanics Program consists of 45 subject areas presented in three separate classes; all three courses are required to prepare students for the Federal Aviation Administration’s licensing exam in general airframe and power plant mechanics.

On the 5th June 2014 the North Valley Occupational Center received two new additions. These aircraft were donated by the legendary Clay Lacy who has a large FBO at the airport. These two aircraft had previously been in open air storage outside the Clay Lacy facility on the East side of the airport.

A third aircraft which had previously been been stored on the Western Jet ramp with wings and many parts removed but has now been rebuilt and was donated later in June and now sits next to the Gulfstream.

The first jet donated by Clay Lacy is a Gulfstream 2SP Registartion N264CL (c/n 227) which was built in 1978.


The second jet donated by Clay Lacy is a Learjet 24 Registration N664CL (c/n 24-167) which was built in 1968.


The Third jet is a BAE 125-700A Registration N414RF (c/n 257060) which was built in 1979.