I enjoyed three days in Sydney (my first trip to Australia since 1996) and managed to visit four great spotting locations. Unfortunately due to wind direction, some poor weather and other commitments I did not get to visit the excellent location for photos at the beach which is located by the old control tower.

For photos please visit : https://www.flickr.com/photos/92040401@N06/sets/72157638121168885


The official observation deck is situated on top of the International Terminal. For anyone wishing to run SBS there are power points in this location and you can can connect to the airports free internet.This location is found at the left hand side of the terminal on the top level and is accessed through the restaurant and then up the flight of stairs or lift.

This location gives excellent views of the Domestic terminals. Building work has meant not all of the International gates are visible. When using runways 34L and 34R you will only see landing aircraft once they have vacated the runways although all departures are right in front of you. When using 16L and 16R you can get some great photos of aircraft landing with the City of Sydney in the background. Best for photographs in the afternoon.


AirCalin A320 F-OJSB taxies past the International Terminal (photo taken from the Observation Deck)


Located at the end of Ross Smith Avenue (just past the control tower and opposite the Australia Wide Coach depot). This area gives great views across runways 34 and the International terminal. All aircraft on the move will be seen from this location at close quarters. Best for photographs in the morning hours.


Royal Flying Doctor Beech 200 VH-AMQ taxies for a departure on 16L (photo taken from The Sheps Mound)


This location is great for photos of landing aircraft on runway 16L although the airport is not in view. If driving from The Mound you can find this location by turning left just after BC Sands Building Supplies and then doing another left. On this road they is ample parking on the side of the road.


Jetstar A320 VH-VFN arriving on 16L (photo taken from the lay by behind BC Sands Building Supplies)


The Virgin Australia gates in the Domestic terminal gives excellent views of runways 16R/34L and the International terminal. When aircraft are using 16R you can get some good photos of both arriving and departing aircraft.


Scoot B772 9V-OTE arrives on runway 16R (photo taken from airside in the Virgin Australia terminal)


The Formule1 hotel is situated in Mascot just 10 minutes walk from the Domestic terminal and gives great views of the Biz Jet aprons and the remote storage area. All aircraft arriving on 16R fly past your window and aircraft landing on 16L fly above the hotel. Aircraft on gates cannot be seen from this hotel.


Cessna 501 Citation VH-FUM sits on the Biz ramp (photo taken from the Formule1 Hotel)


7th November 2013 : Observation Deck & Hotel (14:00-21:00)


A6-ECI Emirates Boeing 777-31H (ER) 35580/728
A6-EEO Emirates Airbus A380-861 136
A6-ETE Etihad Airways Boeing 777-3FX (ER) 34601/548
A6-ETO Etihad Airways Boeing 777-3FX (ER) 39690/1105
B-6090 Air China Airbus A330-243 860
B-18315 China Airlines Airbus A330-302 823
B-5926 China Eastern Airlines Airbus A330-243 1421
B-6140 China Southern Airlines Airbus A380-841 120
B-6547 China Southern Airlines Airbus A330-223 1309
B-LAC Cathay Pacific Airways Airbus A330-342X 679
B-LBA Cathay Pacific Airlines Airbus A330-343X 1409
C-FIUA Air Canada Boeing 777-233 (LR) 35239/640
DQ-FJM Fiji Airways Boeing 737-86J (WL) 37754/3306
F-OJSB Aircalin Airbus A320-232 2152
G-STBH British Airways Boeing 777-336 (ER) 38431/1143
G-VFIZ Virgin Atlantic Airways Airbus A340-642 764
LV-ZPO Aerolineas Argentinas Airbus A340-211 063
N527FE FedEx Express McDonnell Douglas MD-11 (F) 48601/562
N644GT Polar Air Cargo Boeing 767-3JHF (WL) 37810/1041
N105UA United Airlines Boeing 747-451 26473/985
N119UA United Airlines Boeing 747-422 28812/1207
N286UP UPS McDonnell Douglas MD-11 (F) 48453/473
VH-OTF Aropelican Air Services BAE 3206 Jetstream 32 982
VH-OTE Brindabella Airlines BAE 3206 Jetstream 32 980
VH-TAG Brindabella Airlines Swearingen SA227AC Metro AC-705
VH-XNE Brindabella Airlines BAE 4121 Jetstream 41 41065
VH-XNF Brindabella Airlines BAE 4121 Jetstream 41 41068
VH-EFR Express Freighters Australia Boeing 767-381F (ER) 33510/939
ZK-ZQA Jetconnect Boeing 737-838 (WL) 34200/2989
ZK-ZQC Jetconnect Boeing 737-838 (WL) 34202/3048
ZK-ZQE Jetconnect Boeing 737-838 (WL) 34185/3542
ZK-ZQG Jetconnect Boeing 737-838 (WL) 34190/3683
VH-JGB JetGo Embraer 135LR 145728
VH-EBA Jetstar Airways Airbus A330-202 508
VH-EBB Jetstar Airways Airbus A330-202 522
VH-EBE Jetstar Airways Airbus A330-202 842
VH-JQG Jetstar Airways Airbus A320-232 2169
VH-VFI Jetstar Airways Airbus A320-232 5270
VH-VFN Jetstar Airways Airbus A320-232 (SL) 5566
VH-VFP Jetstar Airways Airbus A320-232 (SL) 5775
VH-VGA Jetstar Airways Airbus A320-232 4899
VH-VGI Jetstar Airways Airbus A320-232 4466
VH-VQA Jetstar Airways Airbus A320-232 3783
VH-VQD Jetstar Airways Airbus A320-232 3547
VH-VQG Jetstar Airways Airbus A320-232 2787
VH-VQI Jetstar Airways Airbus A320-232 2717
VH-VQL Jetstar Airways Airbus A320-232 2642
VH-VQM Jetstar Airways Airbus A320-232 2608
VH-VQO Jetstar Airways Airbus A320-232 2587
VH-VQP Jetstar Airways Airbus A320-232 2573
VH-VWW Jetstar Airways Airbus A321-231 3916
VH-ORX Pel-Air Saab 340B 293
VH-EBL QANTAS Airbus A330-203 976
VH-EBM QANTAS Airbus A330-202 1061
VH-EBN QANTAS Airbus A330-202 1094
VH-EBO QANTAS Airbus A330-202 1169
VH-EBP QANTAS Airbus A330-202 1174
VH-OEJ QANTAS Boeing 747-438 (ER) 32914/1331
VH-OGG QANTAS Boeing 767-338 (ER) 24929/343
VH-OGH QANTAS Boeing 767-338 (ER) 24930/344
VH-OGI QANTAS Boeing 767-338 (ER) 25246/387
VH-OGJ QANTAS Boeing 767-338 (ER) 25274/396
VH-OGK QANTAS Boeing 767-338 (ER) 25316/397
VH-OGL QANTAS Boeing 767-338 (ER) 25363/402
VH-OGP QANTAS Boeing 767-338 (ER) 28153/615
VH-OGQ QANTAS Boeing 767-338 (ER) 28154/623
VH-OGT QANTAS Boeing 767-338 (ER) 29117/710
VH-OGU QANTAS Boeing 767-338 (ER) 29118/713
VH-OGV QANTAS Boeing 767-338 (ER) 30186/796
VH-OJI QANTAS Boeing 747-438 24887/826
VH-OQE QANTAS Airbus A380-842 027
VH-QOJ QANTAS DHC-8-402 4192
VH-QPG QANTAS Airbus A330-303 603
VH-TJR QANTAS Boeing 737-476 24443/2398
VH-VXB QANTAS Boeing 737-838 (WL) 30101/1045
VH-VXE QANTAS Boeing 737-838 (WL) 30899/1071
VH-VXG QANTAS Boeing 737-838 (WL) 30901/1102
VH-VXH QANTAS Boeing 737-838 (WL) 33478/1137
VH-VXI QANTAS Boeing 737-838 (WL) 33479/1141
VH-VXJ QANTAS Boeing 737-838 (WL) 33480/1157
VH-VXK QANTAS Boeing 737-838 (WL) 33481/1160
VH-VXP QANTAS Boeing 737-838 (WL) 33722/1324
VH-VXU QANTAS Boeing 737-838 (WL) 33761/1420
VH-VYD QANTAS Boeing 737-838 (WL) 33992/1706
VH-VYE QANTAS Boeing 737-838 (WL) 33993/1712
VH-VZA QANTAS Boeing 737-838 (WL) 34195/2502
VH-VZC QANTAS Boeing 737-838 (WL) 34197/2649
VH-VZO QANTAS Boeing 737-838 (WL) 34191/3692
VH-VZP QANTAS Boeing 737-838 (WL) 39362/3714
VH-VZR QANTAS Boeing 737-838 (WL) 34193/3754
VH-VZS QANTAS Boeing 737-838 (WL) 39358/3739
VH-XZA QANTAS Boeing 737-838 (WL) 39367/4150
VH-XZI QANTAS Boeing 737-838 (WL) 39364/4630
VH-ZXE QANTAS Boeing 767-336 (ER) 24343/364
VH-LQF QantasLink DHC-8-402 4375
VH-LQJ QantasLink DHC-8-402 4414
VH-LQL QantasLink DHC-8-402 4449
VH-OQB QantasLink DHC-8-402 4116
VH-QOI QantasLink DHC-8-402 4189
VH-QOK QantasLink DHC-8-402 4215
VH-QOR QantasLink DHC-8-402 4241
VH-QQK QantasLink DHC-8-402 4215
VH-SBJ QantasLink DHC-8-315 578
VH-SCE QantasLink DHC-8-315 602
VH-SDA QantasLink DHC-8-202 482
VH-TQE QantasLink DHC-8-315 596
VH-TQG QantasLink DHC-8-201 430
VH-TQL QantasLink DHC-8-315 603
VH-TQS QantasLink DHC-8-202 418
VH-EKX Regional Express Saab 340B 257
VH-KRX Regional Express Saab 340B 290
VH-PRX Regional Express Saab 340B 303
VH-RXE Regional Express Saab 340B 275
VH-RXS Regional Express Saab 340B 285
VH-SBA Regional Express Saab 340B 311
VH-ZLA Regional Express Saab 340B 371
VH-ZLG Regional Express Saab 340B 375
VH-ZLJ Regional Express Saab 340B 380
VH-ZLK Regional Express Saab 340B 381
VH-ZLO Regional Express Saab 340B 382
VH-ZLQ Regional Express Saab 340B 370
VH-ZRC Regional Express Saab 340B 390
VH-ZRE Regional Express Saab 340B 391
VH-ZRK Regional Express Saab 340B 397
VH-ZRM Regional Express Saab 340B 400
VH-ZRZ Regional Express Saab 340B 388
CS-TQM Royal Australian Air Force Airbus A340-313X 117
VH-TCA Tasman Cargo Airlines Boeing 757-236 (PCF) 25620/449
VH-VNB Tiger Airways Australia Airbus A320-232 2906
VH-VND Tiger Airways Australia Airbus A320-232 3296
VH-VNG Tiger Airways Australia Airbus A320-232 3674
VH-VNK Tiger Airways Australia Airbus A320-232 3986
VH-VNP Tiger Airways Australia Airbus A320-232 2952
VH-VNP Tiger Airways Australia Airbus A320-232 2952
VH-VOL Virgin Australia Boeing 737-8FE (WL) 33759/1364
VH-VOQ Virgin Australia Boeing 737-8FE (WL) 33798/1391
VH-VOS Virgin Australia Boeing 737-8FE (WL) 33800/1483
VH-VOT Virgin Australia Boeing 737-8FE (WL) 33801/1504
VH-VOX Virgin Australia Boeing 737-8BK (WL) 33017/1446
VH-VUC Virgin Australia Boeing 737-8FE (WL) 34014/1582
VH-VUE Virgin Australia Boeing 737-8FE (WL) 34167/1676
VH-VUF Virgin Australia Boeing 737-8FE (WL) 34168/1697
VH-VUG Virgin Australia Boeing 737-8FE (WL) 34438/1948
VH-VUM Virgin Australia Boeing 737-8BK (WL) 29675/2414
VH-VUN Virgin Australia Boeing 737-8BK (WL) 29676/2432
VH-VUU Virgin Australia Boeing 737-8FE (WL) 36609/3232
VH-VUX Virgin Australia Boeing 737-8FE (WL) 37823/3415
VH-VUZ Virgin Australia Boeing 737-8FE (WL) 39921/3536
VH-XFA Virgin Australia Airbus A330-243 365
VH-XFH Virgin Australia Airbus A330-243 1452
VH-YFF Virgin Australia Boeing 737-8FE (WL) 40994/3664
VH-YFI Virgin Australia Boeing 737-8FE (WL) 41000/3963
VH-YFJ Virgin Australia Boeing 737-8FE (WL) 41001/4089
VH-YFK Virgin Australia Boeing 737-8FE (WL) 41004/3861
VH-YFL Virgin Australia Boeing 737-8FE (WL) 41002/4047
VH-YFQ Virgin Australia Boeing 737-8FE (WL) 41010/4494
VH-YIA Virgin Australia Boeing 737-8FE (WL) 37824/3718
VH-YID Virgin Australia Boeing 737-8FE (WL) 38709/3851
VH-YIE Virgin Australia Boeing 737-8FE (WL) 38708/3875
VH-YIG Virgin Australia Boeing 737-8FE (WL) 38711/3921
VH-YIL Virgin Australia Boeing 737-8FE (WL) 38713/4123
VH-YIQ Virgin Australia Boeing 737-8FE (WL) 38715/4156
VH-YIU Virgin Australia Boeing 737-8FE (WL) 40699/4560
VH-YVA Virgin Australia Boeing 737-8FE (WL) 40995/3680
VH-ZPA Virgin Australia Embraer 190-100 19000148
VH-ZPG Virgin Australia Embraer 190-100 19000195
VH-ZPM Virgin Australia Embraer 190-100 19000262
VH-ZPR Virgin Australia Embraer 190-100 19000424
VH-ZPT Virgin Australia Embraer 190-100 19000451
ZK-PBI Virgin Australia Boeing 737-8FE (WL) 34440/2003
ZK-PBM Virgin Australia Boeing 737-8FE (WL) 36601/2525
VH-VPF Virgin Australia International Boeing 777-3ZG (ER) 37940/801
VH-FVN Virgin Australia Regional Airlines ATR 72-600 1039
VH-FVR Virgin Australia Regional Airlines ATR 72-600 1058
VH-FVY Virgin Australia Regional Airlines ATR 72-600 1073
VH-FVZ Virgin Australia Regional Airlines ATR 72-600 1087
VN-A377 Vietnam Airlines Airbus A330-223 962
VT-ANO Air India Boeing 787-8 36286/91
ZK-OJA Air New Zealand Airbus A320-232 2085
ZK-OJC Air New Zealand Airbus A320-232 2112
ZK-OJI Air New Zealand Airbus A320-232 2297
ZK-OJK Air New Zealand Airbus A320-232 2445
ZK-OJM Air New Zealand Airbus A320-232 2533
9M-MTG Malaysia Airlines Airbus A330-323X 1318
9M-MTK Malaysia Airlines Airbus A330-323X 1388
9M-XXA Air Asia X Airbus A330-343E 952
9M-XXF Air Asia X Airbus A330-343E 1126
9V-SFN Singapore Airlines Cargo Boeing 747-412F (SCD) 32899/1342
9V-SKG Singapore Airlines Airbus A380-841 019
9V-SVB Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-212 (ER) 28525/353
9V-SWI Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-312 (ER) 34574/618
9V-SYF Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-312 30868/360



General Aviation

A37-003 Royal Australian Air Force Canadair Challenger 604 5538
B-LOL Metrojet Canadair Challenger 605 5826
M-AAES Eliston Enterprises Canadair Challenger 605 5810
N146EX Business Jets Dassault Falcon 900EX 146
N604AU Anza Aviation Canadair Challenger 604 5434
N787AD Archer-Daniels-Midland Co Dassault Falcon 7X 073
N888GX Kerry Stokes Canadair Global Express 9248
VH-AMQ Royal Flying Doctor Service Beechcraft King Air 200C BL-166
VH-DNK Tatary Pty Canadair Global 5000 9311
VH-EVJ Tower Holdings Canadair Challenger 604 5370
VH-FUM Australasian Jet Cessna 501SP Citation 501-0189
VH-KHR S Miles Eurocopter EC-120B Colibri 1435
VH-LAW Walker Air Services Canadair Global Express 9299
VH-MQK MK Air 7X Dassault Falcon 7X 183
VH-MVX Royal Flying Doctor Service Beechcraft King Air 200C BL-153
VH-NAJ Royal Flying Doctor Service Beechcraft King Air 350C FM-47
VH-NAO Royal Flying Doctor Service Beechcraft King Air 350C FM-49
VH-NKD CML Aviation Raytheon Hawker 900XP HA-0064
VH-VSZ Execujet Australia Canadair Challenger 604 5411


8th November 2013 – The Sheps Mound & Hotel (07:00-09:00 & 12:00-22:30)


A6-ECG Emirates Boeing 777-31H (ER) 35579/709
A6-EDB Emirates Airbus A380-861 013
A6-EEK Emirates Airbus A380-861 132
A6-EHH Etihad Airways Airbus A340-642X 870
A6-ETN Etihad Airways Boeing 777-3FX (ER) 39689/1086
B-6075 Air China Airbus A330-243 785
B-6549 Air China Airbus A330-243 1330
B-5921 China Eastern Airlines Airbus A330-243 1402
B-6121 China Eastern Airlines Airbus A330-243 728
B-6515 China Southern Airlines Airbus A330-223 1116
B-LAK Cathay Pacific Airways Airbius A330-343X 1196
B-LAP Cathay Pacific Airways Airbus A330-343X 1343
C-FNNH Air Canada Boeing 777-233 (LR) 35247/699
DQ-FJU Fiji Airways Airbus A330-243 1416
G-STBE British Airways Boeing 777-36N (ER) 38696/980
G-VFIT Virgin Atlantic Airways Airbus A340-642 753
HL7597 Asiana Airlines Boeing 777-28E (ER) 28686/359
HL7752 Korean Air Boeing 777-2B5 (ER) 34211/682
HS-TGF Thai Airways International Boeing 747-4D7 33770/1335
HS-TGO Thai Airways International Boeing 747-4D7 26609/1001
HS-TGP Thai Airways International Boeing 747-4D7 26610/1047
JA704J Japan Airlines Boeing 777-246 (ER) 32892/435
N419MC Atlas Air Boeing 747-48EF (SCD) 28367/1096
N704DK Delta Boeing 777-232 (LR) 29739/772
N390HA Hawaiian Airlines Airbus A330-243 1389
N175UA United Airlines Boeing 747-422 24382/806
N180UA United Airlines Boeing 747-422 25224/867
N287UP UPS McDonnell Douglas MD-11 (F) 48539/571
P2-PXE Air Niugini Boeing 737-8BK (WL) 33024/1688
PK-GPJ Garuda Indonesia Airbus A330-243 988
VH-TAH Brindbella Airlines BAE 4101 Jetstream 41 41084
VH-JQL Jetstar Airways Airbus A320-0232 2185
VH-JQX Jetstar Airways Airbus A320-232 2197
VH-VFD Jetstar Airways Airbus A320-232 4922
VH-VFJ Jetstar Airways Airbus A320-232 5311
VH-VGH Jetstar Airways Airbus A320-232 4495
VH-VGP Jetstar Airways Airbus A320-232 4343
VH-VKA Jetstar Airways Boeing 787-8 36227/123
VH-VQC Jetstar Airways Airbus A320-232 3668
VH-VQE Jetstar Airways Airbus A320-232 3495
VH-VQF Jetstar Airways Airbus A320-232 3474
VH-VQH Jetstar Airways Airbus A320-232 2766
VH-VWU Jetstar Airways Airbus A321-231 3948
VH-EBH QANTAS Airbus A330-203 892
VH-EBS QANTAS Airbus A330-202 1258
VH-OEB QANTAS Boeing 747-48E 25778/983
VH-OEH QANTAS Boeing 747-438 (ER) 32912/1321
VH-OGO QANTAS Boeing 767-338 (ER) 25577/550
VH-OGR QANTAS Boeing 767-338 (ER) 28724/662
VH-OGS QANTAS Boeing 767-338 (ER) 28725/665
VH-OJS QANTAS Boeing 747-438 25564/1230
VH-OQC QANTAS Airbus A380-842 022
VH-OQG QANTAS Airbus A380-842 047
VH-QPD QANTAS Airbus A330-301 574
VH-TJI QANTAS Boeing 737-476 24434/1912
VH-VGJ QANTAS Airbus A320-0232 4460
VH-VXA QANTAS Boeing 737-838 (WL) 29551/1042
VH-VXC QANTAS Boeing 737-838 (WL) 30897/1049
VH-VXO QANTAS Boeing 737-838 (WL) 33485/1183
VH-VXQ QANTAS Boeing 737-838 (WL) 33723/1335
VH-VXR QANTAS Boeing 737-838 (WL) 33724/1340
VH-VXS QANTAS Boeing 737-838 (WL) 33725/1352
VH-VYC QANTAS Boeing 737-838 (WL) 33991/1612
VH-VYJ QANTAS Boeing 737-838 (WL) 34182/1842
VH-VYK QANTAS Boeing 737-838 (WL) 34183/1846
VH-VYL QANTAS Boeing 737-838 (WL) 34184/1854
VH-VZL QANTAS Boeing 737-838 (WL) 34194/3621
VH-VZM QANTAS Boeing 737-838 (WL) 34192/.3644
VH-VZT QANTAS Boeing 737-838 (WL) 34186/3798
VH-XZG QANTAS Boeing 737-838 (WL) 39371/4477
VH-LQH QantasKink DHC-8-402 4431
VH-QOY QantasLink DHC-8-402 4288
VH-SBG QantasLink DHC-8-315 575
VH-ZLC Regional Express Saab 340B 373
VH-ZRI Regional Express Saab 340B 394
A36-001 Royal Australian Air Force Boeing 737-7DT (WL) 30829/738
VH-QQM Skytrans Regional DHC-8-311A 286
VH-VNH Tiger Airways Australia Airbus A320-232 3734
VH-VNJ Tiger Airways Australia Airbus A320-232 2982
VH-VON Virgin Australia Boeing 737-8FE (WL) 33795/1375
VH-VUA Virgin Australia Boeing 737-8FE (WL) 33997/1559
VH-VUI Virgin Australia Boeing 737-8FE (WL) 34441/2015
VH-VUV Virgin Australia Boeing 737-8FE (WL) 37821/3288
VH-VUW Virgin Australia Boeing 737-8KG (WL) 39449/3398
VH-XFE Virgin Australia Airbus A330-243 1319
VH-XFG Virgin Australia Airbus A330-243 1407
VH-YFC Virgin Australia Boeing 737-81D (WL) 39413/3592
VH-YIH Virgin Australia Boeing 737-8FE (WL) 38712/4070
VH-YIM Virgin Australia Boeing 737-8FE (WL) 38716/4119
VH-YIT Virgin Australia Boeing 737-8FE (WL) 38717/4194
VH-YVC Virgin Australia Boeing 737-8FE (WL) 40997/3832
VH-YVD Virgin Australia Boeing 737-8FE (WL) 40998/3848
VH-ZPE Virgin Australia Embraer 190-100 19000187
VH-ZPH Virgin Australia Embraer 190-100 19000199
VH-FVQ Virgin Australia Regional Airlines ATR 72-600 1053
VT-ANJ Air India Boeing 787-8 36281/54
ZK-NCJ Air New Zealand Boeing 767-319 (ER) (WL) 26915/574
ZK-OJB Air New Zealand Airbus A320-232 2090
ZK-OJO Air New Zealand Airbus A320-0232 2663
ZK-OKQ Air New Zealand Boeing 777-319 (ER) 40689/984
ZK-SLA Airwork Flight Operations Boeing 737-377 23653/1260
ZK-ZQD Jetconnect Boeing 737-838 (WL) 34203/3515
ZK-ZQF Jetconnect Boeing 737-838 (WL) 34204/3552
ZK-PBA Virgin Australia Boeing 737-8FE (WL) 33796/1377
ZK-PBB Virgin Australia Boeing 737-8FE (WL) 33797/1389
9M-XXH AirAsia X Airbus A330-343E 1165
9V-OTB Scoot Boeing 777-212 (ER) 28508/83
9V-SKA Singapore Airlines Airbus A380-841 003
9V-SKR Singapore Airlines Airbus A380-841 082
9V-SYG Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-312 28528/364


General Aviation

F-ONYY Air Alize Cessna 525A Citation Jet 2 525A0320
N36715 Sundown Pastoral Co Beechcraft Kimg Air 350B FL-415
VH-HSZ Tatankaa Robinson R-44 Raven 1992
VH-IPG Helicopter Film Services Bell 407 53835
VH-IRA D Larsen Robinson R-44 Raven II 13033
VH-JRW BPW Assets Cessna 421C Golden Eagle 421C0285
VH-SJK P M Butler Robinson R-44 Raven II 12174
VH-UMF Blue Sky Helicopters Robinson R-44 Raven 2118
VH-VRK Harris Aircraft X-Hire Robinson R-66 0361


9th November 2013 – The Sheps Mound, BC Sands and the Hotel (08:00 – 11:00 & 15:00 – 19:00)


A6-ECD Emirates Boeing 777-36N (ER) 32795/669
A6-EEF Emirates Airbus A380-861 113
A6-ETI Etihad Airways Boeing 777-3FX (ER) 39684/987
A6-ETK Etihad Airways Boeing 777-3FX (ER) 39686/1019
B-18312 China Airlines Airbus A330-302 769
B-6083 China Eastern Airlines Airbus A330-343X 830
B-6099 China Eastern Airlines Airbus A330-243 916
B-6100 China Eastern Airlines Airbus A330-343X 928
B-6137 China Southern Airlines Airbus A380-841 036
B-LAE Cathay Pacific Airways Airbus A330-342X 850
B-LAJ Cathay Pacific Airways Airbus A330-342X 1163
CC-CQC LAN Airlines Airbus A340-313X 363
G-STBC British Airways Boeing 777-36N (ER) 38287/901
G-VWEB Virgin Atlantic Airways Airbus A340-642 787
HS-TGZ Thai Airways International Boeing 747-4D7 28706/1214
LV-ZPX Aerolineas Argentinas Airbus A340-211 080
N607FE FedEx Express McDonnell Douglas MD-11F 48547/517
N388HA Hawaiian Airlines Airbus A330-243 1310
N117UA United Airlines Boeing 747-422 28810/1197
N281UP UPS McDonnell Douglas MD-11 (F) 48538/533
RP-C3331 Philippine Airlines Airbus A330-301 184
VH-EBK Jetstar Airways Airbus A330-202 945
VH-OEF QANTAS Boeing 747-438 (ER) 32910/1313
VH-OQA QANTAS Airbus A380-842 014
VH-QOE QantasLink DHC-8-402 4125
VH-TJS QANTAS Boeing 737-476 24444/2454
VH-VGQ Jetstar Airways Airbus A320-232 4303
VH-VGY Jetstar Airways Airbus A320-232 4177
A36-002 Royal Australian Air Force Boeing 737-7DF (WL) 30790/613
VH-VNF Tiger Airways Australia Airbus A320-232 3332
VH-VNO Tiger Airways Australia Airbus A320-232 4053
VH-VOK Virgin Australia Boeing 737-8FE (WL) 33758/1359
VH-VUT Virgin Australia Boeing 737-8FE (WL) 36608/3132
VH-VYA QANTAS Boeing 737-838 (WL) 33762/1532
VH-VYB QANTAS Boeing 737-838 (WL) 33763/1534
VH-VZU QANTAS Boeing 737-838 (WL) 34187/3826
VH-VZV QANTAS Boeing 737-838 (WL) 34189/3856
VH-VZX QANTAS Boeing 737-838 (WL) 34188/3910
VH-XZD QANTAS Boeing 737-838 (WL) 39368/4400
VH-YFE Virgin Australia Boeing 737-81D (WL) 39414/3623
VH-YFR Virgin Australia Boeing 737-8FE (WL) 41012/4543
VH-YIR Virgin Australia Boeing 737-8FE (WL) 39925/4172
VH-YIV Virgin Australia Boeing 737-8FE (WL) 40698/4571
VH-ZLV Regional Express Saab 340B 386
YJ-AV1 Air Vanuatu Boeing 737-8Q8 (WL) 30734/2477
ZK-NCI Air New Zealand Boeing 767-319 (ER) (WL) 26913/558
ZK-OJG Air New Zealand Airbus A320-232 2173
ZK-OKG Air New Zealand Boeing 777-219 (ER) 29403/591
ZK-ZQH Jetconnect Boeing 737-838 (WL) 39357/3743
ZK-PBG Virgin Australia Boeing 737-8FE (WL) 34015/1594
ZK-PBJ Virgin Australia Boeing 737-8FE (WL) 34013/1573
9M-MTC Malaysia Airlines Airbus A330-323E 1229
9M-MUB Malaysia Airlines Airbus A330-223F 1148
9V-OTA Scoot Boeing 777-212 (WR) 28507/67
9V-SVE Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-212 (ER) 30870/374


General Aviation

VH-AMS Royal Flying Doctor Service Beechcraft King Air 200C BL-16
VH-EXQ Australian Corporate Jet Centres Cessna 680 Citation Sovereign 680-0129

10th November 2013 – Formule1 Hotel & Virgin Australia Domestic Terminal (08:00-12:30)


A6-ECF Emirates Boeing 777-31H (ER) 35574/690
A6-EDZ Emirates Airbus A380-861 107
A6-EFM Emirates Boeing 777-F1H 42231/1146
A6-EHK Etihad Airways Airbus A340-642X 1030
B-6541 Air China Airbus A330-243 1304
B-6139 China Southern Airlines Airbus A380-841 088
B-6543 China Eastern Airlines Airbus A330-243 1280
B-LAM Cathay Pacific Airways Airbus A330-342X 1239
B-LAR Cathay Pacific Airways Airbus A330-343X 1362
B-LAX Cathay Pacific Airways Airbus A330-342X 1366
CC-CQA LAN Airlines Airbus A340-313X 359
G-STBB British Airways Boeing 777-36N (ER) 38286/887
G-VGAS Virgin Atlantic Airways Airbus A340-642 639
HL7733 Korean Air Boeing 777-2B5 (ER) 34206/520
HS-TGY Thai Airways International Boeing 747-4D7 28705/1164
JA707J Japan Airlines Boeing 777-246 (ER) 32894/475
N701DN Delta Boeing 777-232 (LR) 29740/697
N199UA United Airlines Boeing 747-422 28717/1126
PK-GPH Garuda Indonesia Airbus A330-243 1020
PK-GPO Garuda Indonesia Airbus A330-341 1288
VH-VFL Jetstar Airways Airbus A320-232 5489
VH-VGZ Jetstar Airways Airbus A320-232 3917
VH-VQQ Jetstar Airways Airbus A320-232 2537
VH-VQY Jetstar Airways Airbus A320-232 2299
VH-OEI QANTAS Boeing 747-438 (ER) 32913/1330
VH-OQI QANTAS Airbus A380-842 055
VH-QPC QANTAS Airbus A330-303 564
VH-QPH QANTAS Airbus A330-303 695
VH-QPI QANTAS Airbus A330-303 705
VH-VYI QANTAS Boeing 737-838 (WL) 34181/1840
VH-VZZ QANTAS Boeing 737-838 (WL) 39445/4010
VH-XZH QANTAS Boeing 737-838 (WL) 39372/4521
VH-TQY QantasLink DHC-8-315 552
A37-002 Royal Australian Air Force Canadair Challenger 604 5534
VH-VPD Virgin Australia Boeing 777-3ZG (ER) 37938/756
VH-VUS Virgin Australia Boeing 737-8FE (WL) 36607/3082
VH-YFH Virgin Australia Boeing 737-8FE (WL) 40996/3801
VH-YFN Virgin Australia Boeing 737-8FE (WL) 41009/4456
VT-ANM Air India Boeing 787-8 36284/72
ZK-NCK Air New Zealand Boeing 767-319 (ER) 26971/663
ZK-OJF Air New Zealand Airbus A320-232 2153
ZK-PBD Virgin Australia Boeing 737-8FE (WL) 33996/1551
ZK-ZQB Jetconnect Boeing 737-838 (WL) 34201/3006
9M-MTL Malaysia Airlines Airbus A330-323X 1395
9V-OTE Scoot Boeing 777-212 (ER) 28519/237


General Aviation

VH-AMR Royal Flying Doctor Service Beechcraft King Air 200 BL-167